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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended. If you have the proper authority, you can also create a new mailing list.

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List Description
3dprint 3D Printer Development
adhoc-simulations Notifications for simulations
adhoc-wireless Ad-Hoc Wireless
altium Altium Administration and Support
Altium-iceland Altium experts in Iceland
altium-users Altium Users at RU
Anki-icelandic Anki Icelandic Announcements
avionics Icelandair Avionics
avionics-429 Avionics 429to757 Project
Axiomatic-design-education Axiomatic Design Educators
Cabin-environment RU-ITS Cabin Environment Analysis
cad-admin CAD Administration
cadia-members Members of the Center for Analysis and Design of Intelligent Agents
csit Computer Science IT
Csit-log [no description available]
csit-users Computer Science IT users
devnet DevNet
devnet-backups AFS and Server Backup Notifications
devnet-users Announcement list for DevNet
dust-cloud Dust Cloud: low cost in-situ volcanic ash aviation assessment
eee Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Gagnvirk T-420-EMIR Gagnvirk rafvlrn list
Gagnvirk-kennari T-428-EMIR Gagnvirk rafvlrn list kennari
Gagnvirk2012 T-428-EMIR, Gagnvirk rafvlrn list, 2012
gagnvirk2012-kennari Gagnvirk Kennari
hakkavelin Hackerspace
Honnun VT HUN1013 Design
Honnun2013 VT HUN1013 2013
Honnun2013-fr [no description available]
Icad2018 International Conference on Axiomatic Design 2018
Imagine-peace Imagine Peace Tower Development
Lasercutter Laser Cutter
Latex LaTeX at RU
Latex-announcements LaTeX Announcements
leggedrobot HnnunX 2012 Legged Robot
License IT License contact email
Mailman Main list for mailman issues and updates
mechatronics1-instructor Mechatronics1 Instructor
Media-archive Developing an Icelandic Media Archive
Mjolnir T-870-INTE 2014 Rocket project
Mjolnir2 Mjolnir2: SE-IS Rocket Collaboration
musichackday Music Hack Day 2012
netops RU Network Operations
projects Redmine Projects Server Administrators
Projects-announce Interesting projects at RU (announcements)
Rocket-tech [no description available]
ruauv-cv [no description available]
ruauv-electrical [no description available]
ruauv-mechanical [no description available]
ruauv-software [no description available]
RUR Reykjavik University Robotics
skemmtilegt Fun things happening around RU
skywardsphere [no description available]
skywardsword RU Hnnon 2012 collaboration with CCP
skywardsword-all Skyward Sword Partners
skywardsword-alpha Skyward Sword Alpha Team
skywardsword-announce Skyward Sword Announcements
skywardsword-bravo Skyward Sword Bravo Team
skywardsword-control Balloon Control
T-116-verk-foley T-116-VERK Groups (foley)
Test [no description available]
Testuser test user list
ti-implants Titanium and chitosan project
tilraun Test
Tsam14-kennari [no description available]
utlendingur Foreigners learning Icelandic
Web-video Raspberry Pi web-video developers
Web-video-listasafn [no description available]
webmaster Samvinna webmaster

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